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Valuable Study Time

Periodically, I find myself entirely lacking any drive to draw or paint; often following a period of time where I have made obvious, significant progress. The sheer relief that I feel when I make this kind of progress can distract me long enough for the doubts to creep in and start picking apart my hard work.

When I get like this, I find that it’s often helpful to go back to my fundamentals and learn some theory that I might have skipped over before. This time around, I’ve been brushing up on value. I’m not exactly a stranger to value, but I confess that I’ve never really learned precisely how it works to show form; you see value every day so it’s often the sort of thing that you can just wing.

To remedy this, I spent the weekend watching some DVDs by Scott Robertson, to whom I owe almost everything I know about advanced perspective. It’s a bit simplistic, but I thought I’d share a couple of my notes and studies here until I have something more substantial to show.

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