Come for the art, stay for the puns.

Practice continues, albeit slowly. This week I was prompted by to tackle my most hated of subjects: hands. I also painted these in colour right from the off, forgoing the nice, safe greyscale painting that I usually start with.

I love/hate working with colour. It allows so much more control than just painting with value, but with that comes a massive jump in complexity that I find it all too easy to get lost in. Though I felt a lot more comfortable by the second painting, which allowed me to use a more varied colour palette and, I think, paint something that looks a little more like skin than I’ve ever managed before.

Interestingly, when I attempt something this far outside of my comfort zone, I’ve found that I can actually feel myself learning. It’s a sort of mental strain that reminds me of those fairground games where you have to pass a metal ring over a fiendishly looping course without touching it, with every last drop of frustration and appeal that comes with it.

Art would certainly be easier to learn if there was a buzzer to tell you when you’re doing it wrong.