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Strange Moods

It’s been an odd year. Getting married was a cue for everything else in my life to fly off the rails. “Change Places!” it yells, like some sort of existential Mad Hatter.

Since then, my wife has graduated university, learned to drive and gotten herself a job so far away from our home that we’ve had to move. Which is lucky because my graphic design work dried up and we could no longer afford to live there anyway. We’ve since moved back in with my parents, which isn’t exactly how I intended to spend the first year of my marriage, but it is what it is.

I also recently learned something about myself that has fundamentally altered the way I see my own life and the decisions that I have made in the past, like putting on a pair of glasses that you weren’t aware you needed; I can see things much more clearly now, but I have to live with the fact that I need glasses for the rest of my life. The metaphorical glasses that is, I came to terms with needing actual specs a long time ago. Either way, it would seem the mistakes and hardships in my life have never been entirely my fault, which is a heavy weight that has gone unlifted for far too long.

Anyway, that’s enough of that. There hasn’t been anywhere near enough art here recently so let’s try and get that back on track, shall we?

I’ve recently fallen in love with vinyl art toys in a big way, specifically Lunartik In a Cup of Tea. Something about them appeals to me in a huge way, which is interesting considering I don’t even like tea. Recently the artist behind the series sold a very limited run of Halloween themed toys, but they were a little bit too expensive for me at the time. I decided to design my own to make myself feel better. I’m hoping to actually make it at some point, but I have this to show for now.

EDIT: I spend an hour of so experimenting with this after uploading it, adding more atmospheric lighting and painting over it to integrate the texture better. I also did the eyes to look more glassy and dead. All in all I’m pleased with it. Progress is always good.

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