Archives for the month of: February, 2012

Some fanart today, inspired by the wonderful, a comic which I lost most of the last two days to. I find it so easy to relate to a character when I am invited to be a part of her subconscious. Of course, it helps when that character is so charmingly written too.

I wanted to see if I could translate the stylised, graphical character designs into something more painterly. I think the face is still a little flat, but in all I think it came out quite nicely. All of this concept art and digital painting practice runs the risk of covering up my love of stylised cartoon and comic artwork. Yet another thing that I’d like to pursue when I’ve got five minutes to spare.

It would seem that I’m beginning to chip away at this wall I’ve been bashing my head into for so long. I still have a long way to go, clearly, but I’m actually starting to believe that all this effort might reward me with more than just a headache. With that, and my wedding coming up this month, you might say that I’ve had a good week.

I’ve been spending a lot of my time recently reading about, thinking of and playing Magic: The Gathering. I have been bitten by this bug before, but it has never been much of an issue; this time, however, it has latched on and shows little of removing itself from my epidermis. Luckily, with Magic comes some truly stunning artwork by some of my favourite artists and has proven to be a steady source of inspiration.

Some day I would like to open a booster pack and find one of my own paintings staring back at me. Until then, I’ll be bashing my head against this wall.

In my continuing efforts to act like a proper artist, I spent some time doing a planar study today from an image I found over at It’s been a busy week and I imagine it’s not going to get any easier until March, but I’ll keep practicing when I can and sharing all my progress here.

I did some more eyes today. This time I did them without reference in a bid to commit them to memory. I can’t really explain why half of them turned into disembodied cartoon eyeballs and lizard eyes. I got distracted.

S’fun though.